Fc3s burnout

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Ausrotary Ozdat & Rollaclub Around the Bay Cruise
Some video from the day - pardon the poor hand held use of my SLR... the zooming coupled with no IS made for some bumpy vision!

RX7 FC3S Burnout
13B turbo Series 5 FC3S RX7 smoking some shitty nankangs. Gizzy NZ

Turbo RX-7 burnout big smoke FC3S Drift Car Mazda Rotary
Lighting up the tires on the KMR turbo RX7 making a big cloud of smoke. Kyle Mohan Racing RX-7 currently For sale turbonetics turbo Haltech ECU 550hp

V8 RX7 FC3S Burnout(Bake 'em up Part 2)
Steve from Blue Star Fab decided to do some baking. As well as blow some shit up. facebook.com/bluestarfab facebook.com/beardlife