1978 Trans Am highway acceleration

1978 Trans Am 400 (180hp) accelerating from around 80 kph to somewhere beyond 130kph after a kickdown to 2nd gear. Wide open throttle was fairly brief, as the 400 is stronger at lower RPMs.

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1978 Macho Trans Am # 171
Having fun in a real Macho Trans Am

1978 Trans Am 360 doughnut burnout in super tight space !!!
Only a trained stunt man should try something this crazy! Notice there is a tow truck in front, a Tahoe behind, and a telephone pole across the street. Plus, only a WS6 Trans Am with a 400 pontiac and tight rear end can pull a controlled 360 burnout in such a tight space with total control of the car at all times!

Fun ride 0-100+
Not a hotrod by any means but sure does sound good and was fun...

1978 Pontiac Firebird commercial
1978 Pontiac Firebird commercial ;-)