1978 Trans Am highway acceleration

1978 Trans Am 400 (180hp) accelerating from around 80 kph to somewhere beyond 130kph after a kickdown to 2nd gear. Wide open throttle was fairly brief, as the 400 is stronger at lower RPMs.

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99 trans am acceleration to 100mph
Guy got in my lane so I had to jump over n pass him at 90mph then I just gave it a little bit of gas again

Fun ride 0-100+
Not a hotrod by any means but sure does sound good and was fun...

83 trans am acceleration from dead stop
at the request of some of my facebook fans ( did not floor it at beginning the holley carb likes to bog right off the line )

C3 vette and 78 trans am
http://www.datingsas.com My corvette and bros trans am. As you can see we are not scared of actually driving these cars.