2011 mitsubishi evolution gsr stock exhaust part 1

This is my stock car before I installed my turbo XS turbo back Exhaust with a test pipe.

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Cobb Cat-Back Exhaust Install How-To: 2008-15 Mitsubishi Evo X (552101 552111)
This video shows the steps required to install a COBB Cat-Back Exhaust System in your 2008-15 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. http://cobbt.ng/Instructions Find a COBB Cat-Back or turbo Back Exhaust for your car at: http://cobbt.ng/OverBoost

2011 mitsubishi evolution gsr with turbo xs turbo back exhaust part 2
This is my car after installing turbo XS turbo back Exhaust with a test pipe. I have a before video as well with the stock Exhaust. Overall I'm happy with this set up it has a decent sound and makes real good power. I was just Dyno tuned at Kaizen Tuning with this Exhaust and an HKS drop in filter and a GM 3 port to 314whp and almost 320wtq. Baseline before tune was 248hp so the gains to me are very impressive and this was on a Dyno dynamics Dyno which I was told before the tune was a heartbreaker because it read so low.

EvoXForums Exhaust Competition
EvoXForums Exhaust Competition

Tsudo 08-11 Lancer DE / ES / GTS N1 axleback exhaust v2
I bought this Exhaust at semotors.com Im really happy with sound it makes, not too loud and not too quiet. BUT... Only thing i didnt like is that the pipe/tail (or maybe its the whole Exhaust) didnt fit quite right (measurements a lil bit off) The pipe/tail where it attaches to the gasket hits the frame of the car making a rattling noise (the pipe wasnt in the middle, more to the left side) when coming to a complete stop and full stop (where there should be about 1-2 inch of gap, i had about half an inch gap maybe less.. Idk why). And thump sound when road is bumpy. So i kinda solved it by using HeatWrap. So 1. Wrapped the pipe around where it was hitting. 2. I moved the pipe towards the middle of the frame and wrapped the pipe and the frame to hold it right in the middle. So now i dont get that hitting rattling noise. But there is a thump sound time to time.