1250whp Twin Turbo UGR Gallardo battles 900+whp Supra

1250whp Twin turbo UGR Gallardo battles 900+whp Supra

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Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo's drag - UGR and Heffner
Here is a couple passes from these two TT Gallardos that were at the track friday night. Unfortunately we don't have much info on either car, and they were running "no-times". They very much like their numbers in the dark. What is your guess on what they ran and how much power they are making??

1900HP "Kill Mode" Lamborghini 180MPH on the street - Speedo
TRC visited Atlanta and had some fun with Duhawks Lamborghini.This Underground Racing Twin turbo Gallardo is 100% the fastest car TRC has ever experienced! The acceleration of this Lamborghini is absolutely insane, to the point that you almost lose your breath once it hits 4th gear...

Twin Turbo Lamborghini battles 800+hp Evo IX on the street
Twin turbo Lamborghini battles 800+hp Evo IX on the street

1,600 WHP Dallas Performance RS 1 Twin Turbo 6 SPEED Lambo Superleggera Gallardo
***VIDEO PROVIDED BY OUR FRIENDS AT DALLAS PERFORMANCE*** This Race Spec 1 package from Dallas Performance was installed on a beautiful and very rare Black 6 Speed Lamborghini Superleggera Gallardo. The "DP RS1" package is a Twin turbo System with Race Spec Engine capable of making: 1,000 whp with 93 Octane Fuel and 1,600+ whp with VP C16 Race Fuel. Dallas Performance. http://www.dallasperformance.com http://www.facebook.com/dallasperformance Special thanks to Pepper Yandell Photography and JeffreyJHart.com