S10 Xtreme Flowmaster 40 2.25 out

Flowmaster 40 2.5 in 2.25 out with 2.25 stainless tips.

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2000 s10 2.2L flowmaster 40 series + cutout
description, rev (both open & closed), then drive around the neighborhood

new truck for high skool just thought i record for my da freinds to c dont like da flames on it or da tail lights or da system gunna put some memphis m3z... well i have dem just need to put a box for 2 15z

S10 Xtreme DIY Undercoating Project
In this video I show how the undercoating job is done in a different way. When undercoating your vehicle keep the propeller shaft free of undercoating material or any other foreign material affect the propeller shaft balance and produces serious vibration. I want to say thanks for all the comment in my DIY undercoating project video I'm glad that people like you appreciated the hard work I put in this project. which its wasn't easy but at the same time it was fun and i really enjoy doing this. I hope this video will motivated people and show how to take care your vehicle to last more years especially in the winter, those of you that live in the hot weather lucky you Rust Oleum truck bed coating SKU 248916 is not made out of Rubber is made out of Acrylic Resin you can look in Material Data Sheet (MSDS) Section 2-composition http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGResourceCenter.asp?sn=ms2&msdstyp=PROCBG&msdspr c=368 and the same as Clean Metal Primer (MSDS) SKU 7780730 http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGResourceCenter.asp?sn=ms2&msdstyp=PROCBG&msdspr c=35 Is all about surface preparation

2.2 s10 with single chamber flowmaster
2.2 s10 with k&n fipk intake system and single chamber flowmaster with single in dual out into 3 inch tips