Tough Trucks

Tough Truck bloopers and some of the best runs. The Bash For Cash 2007 Saskatoon, Sk.

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2006 Tough Truck Comp
Morning Side's Darcy Rimmer enters his freshly rebiult 1990 Ford Ranger, needs rebiulding again, oouch!!!

tough truck 2006
tough truck avec la gang de malade

Tough Truck Racing Compilation (HD)
This is a compilation video of a Tuff Trucks part of a Monster Truck Show. The rules are, they have to use beat up old trucks to race with stock frames, suspensions, and tires. They are competing to see how fast they can complete the course, they get deducted points if they hit the barrels. These guys are crazy going all out full throttle over the jumps to get some nice air time. This looks like alot of fun!

Clark County Fair 2008 Tuff Trucks
This is a video of the 2008 Tuff Trucks in the pro class at the Cark County Fair in Vancouver, WA. The video was shot with a Canon Powershot IS X5. Sorry about the quality.