Teemu Peltola diesel Mercedes blows tyre

Drifting SM 2011

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Diesel Mercedes drifting, Teemu Peltola
FPDA R3 Tuuri 11.06.2011

Black Smoke Racing Best of 2011
http://www.blacksmokeracing.com/ Finally we got a compilation video done of the 2011 season. This came out so late you can also watch it as a teaser for the 2012 season. Music: The Wavers - Three Minutes to Escape. Pornophonique - Sad Robot

Mercedes benz 200d - 1968 Burning
Burning with a mercedes benz 200d - 1968 in hammarstrand sweden on crusing night 110703. Got a little help to do it but just to prove that ju also can burn with a old mercedes diesel.

Kuopio Drifting 16.07.2011 :/