Lamborghini LP-560 - 330 Km/h (german Autobahn)

Lambo LP-560 330 Km/h on German Autobahn with new Capristo Exhaust !!!

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2x Lamborghini Gallardo Racing on Autobahn!! - 1080p HD
FB: & Yesterday I had a great day during an ''Autobahn Run''. We had a few nice cars together and I participated with my GTI. In this first video you see two black Lamborghini Gallardos, one is totally stock, but the other has a Tubi Exhaust and Testpipes. Thanks to that modification, this Gallardo has a very loud and high sound! I hope you like this video, stay tuned for more Autobahn action!

Pagani Huayra brutal acceleration! - I am a very lucky boy. Below is my in-car video of the Zonda PS for comparison. They're very different cars, and I know the Huayra isn't quite as wild to listen to but it's not trying to be a Zonda. Don't think of it as the Zonda replacement. The Huayra is James Bond to the Zonda's Bruce Lee - they both have their place, and I can see why many Huayra owners will be keeping their Zondas.

Ständig POLIZEI mit dem Lamborghini Huracán
Ich wurde schon oft von der Polizei angehalten. In diesem Video habe ich euch alle Kontrollen zusammengeschnitten und auch mal meine Meinung dazu gesagt. Wie seht ihr das? Macht eine Soko "Auto-Proll" Sinn? Equipment (Affiliate Links): ▶ Hauptkamera: ▶ Gimbal: ▶ Actioncam (besser als GoPro): ▶ Drohne: Folgt mir: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitch: ▶ Twitter: Music from

Reparatur eines Seitenschadens an einem Lamborghini Gallardo