Integra GS-R vs Prelude S

Street racing is wrong... This was back in 2002, greater toronto area. Computer generated video.

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integra vs srt4
Launch Fail! LOL... but good race anyways! hope you like it! coment and subscribe for more racing videos and some other good stuff... :D

Celica GTS vs. Prelude
Celica GTS and Prelude go at it, they were both basically stock. They just had an intake, the celica has a TRD Exhaust thats aboout it. It was a best out of 3 Celica-1 Prelude-2 Winner= PRELUDE

honda prelude vs integra ls turbo
my prelude vs my brother friend integra it was a close race the integra is pulling 6 psi

302whp 98 integra Gs-r Vs Bolt on Mustang 1/4 mile
302whp 9psi 57 trim t3/t04e stock motor, stock open diff, stock mounts, stock suspension 98 integra gsr vs bolt on sn95 GT...mods unknown. (for DR run see vids and me Vs 03 Cobra)