road rage YA02 FKU ugly.MOV 04/07/11

another one.2nd in a week. Get air con or lose it. Still . I can see why he's trying to get arrested. jct Rochdale rd ,Bond st. Bury.Manchester

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Please note that I realise that I called out an incorrect number plate on the video. It was only after viewing the footage that I discovered the mistake. The correct number plate has been posted in the title and tags. The dustmen were out this morning, so there was a bit of a queue on a usually pretty empty road. This young driver got caught napping it seems when I overtook him and then went on to pass the dustcart. He immediately showed his displeasure by revving up and driving close to my back wheel, even though I was keeping pace with traffic ahead and there was no room for him to pass anyway. As I moved back into the left lane after the dustcart, he made an aggressive move left, despite the brake lights clearly showing on the car ahead of me. I gave an open-handed slap on the back of his car to remind him that I was there and this seemed to infuriate him. Horn blasting he undertakes me, I'm going straight at the mini roundabout, so was riding in the right-hand approach lane as the left-hand lane is left turn only. We debate the matter and when it finally dawns on him that I'm filming him he drives off.

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