Bare metal Chrome foil

Bare metal from foil tips and tricks

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Tutorial : Chroming with Alclad
Chroming Tutorial (for alclad) visit their website, or find it on ebay.

Bare Metal Foil - How I Apply It & Tools I Use
G'day everyone and welcome back again, this video is just a quick how to on how i apply BMF and the tools i use, There are a few different ways to do it but this is my way. Hope it helps someone. Thanks for watching and have a good one

Bare Metal Foil Model Car Emblems BEFORE Painting Your Model How to
Simple way to chrome car emblems without going blind, lol.

Making home made foil for model cars.
This is how I'm making my very own foil. I use it on all my projects now. The equivalent to the Gold Leaf Bond I use is Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Adhesive Size, water based. You can find it on Amazon.