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1975 dodge van cold start,burnouts,backfires and lots of noise!!!!!

1975 dodge tradesman 200 360 c.i. , disturbing the peace!!!


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cadillac cold start........loud and smokey!!!!
winter start of my 1971 coupe deville 472 c.i.d. th-400 trans. posi.rearend.

beaters + burnouts= fun
just a normal saturday down at the garage......

death of a saturn!!!!!!!!!
don't ever run your saturn out of oil! see what happens.........

Cold start and scrap the old junk Dodge truck
hear this beast roar one last time before i trade it for some cash..

My 1977 Dodge Van
Before & After pictures, and Video of me doing Burnouts in the Van.

1967 Pontiac Firebird 20 Year Cold Start
We work on starting my new 67 Firebird after it has been sitting for 20 years untouched in Wasilla, Alaska. The tags expired in 1989. It has the original Overhead Cam Inline Six Engine. Before starting it we put oil down the cylinders, primed the oil system, changed the oil and replaced the Cap, Rotor, Plugs, and Points. A Complete restoration is planned for the immediate future.

Van Backfiring
J was the letter of the day and this van was backfiring all the way!

Dodge RV Cold Start
Seeing if our older small Dodge RV with the 360 V-8 will start. It's 11 below and hasn't been started since fall.

10+ year chevy cold start!
i bought this van in the dark under a pile of junk so i didnt even know if it had an engine but i was told it hasnt moned in over 10 years so lets see if it will start! i think its a 305 but either way its dinked big time look ya can tell, im looking for a small diesel engine i have one in mind but i think i can find something better! thanks for watching!

Cold start Old start getting Our 4x4 Chevy Race Truck Out
Thanks for watching there is a PART 2 to this video of us Taking it out so stay tuned check back and will see how it will go threw the Snow #28 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #29 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada #86 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #81 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Sweden #18 - Top Rated (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #76 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Autos & Vehicles #28 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #35 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada #19 - Top Rated (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #86 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Autos & Vehicles

1989 Dodge 4x4 Van

General Lee cold start backfire
69 Charger General Lee cold start, missfireing, smoking, backfiring... This is actualy the best cold start yet! It is usually much worse. It generaly takes 5 plus minutes to warm it up before it is drivable.

Dodge challenger hellcat 2015 top speed

Van Fest 14 The Dodge Vans

1977 Dodge custom van! 1970's Shagin' Wagin'.
Enjoy the van!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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