turboed gsr hatch

This is my boy jonny. His car is a stock motor with a rev hard turbo kit stage 2 with a base map tune at 8 psi. The car is at about 250whp after it gets Dyno tuned it will be at about 350whp.

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Turboed GSR Hatch vs Everything
the video tells it all

GSR Turbo on 8 psi. vs 2.5RS with STI swap
Me vs some asshole talkin shit tellin me to go whenever i want cuz he was gonna somke me no problum......it didn't work out for him ; )

Turbo SSBP GSR 10 psi Done Right :)
This is a compilation video of my integra and how far it's come. Nothing crazy but it's a fun car ;)

Turbo GSR Hatch vs. Nitrous LS-Vtec CRX
franks turbo gsr hatch at 11.3@122mph vs. johns spray'n ls-vtec crx at 11.7@119mph..........also, 1.9L Gsr hatch is running conservative Boost on pump gas during this race, I have other videos of this car running mid 10's at 140 with race gas......