1992 camaro v6 thrush welded exhaust. should i go dual?

should i go true dual Exhaust and what mufflers i was looking at the small bullet style mufflers and probably out the sides... would it sound really sweet? would it help in performance over the single muffler?

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92 camaro rs v6 with flowmasters(SOUNDS GREAT!!!)
all stock Camaro except for the Exhaust if u have any questions feel free to ask

2002 camaro 3.8 Y87 with thrush welded muffler and 2.5 off the muffler out to 3.5 dual rolled tips.
via YouTube Capture

'98 3.8l Camaro
My 1998 3.8l Camaro.

V6 mustang Thrush Welds Catless
01 3.8 Mustang, LTs, catless, divorced midpipe, thrush weld (knockoff 40s), Dumped.