Cammed LT1 3rd gen Camaro VS 2010 Cobalt SS/TC

First time on the track with the new LT1/T56 setup in my 3rd gen. No traction what so ever this run, ran a 14.3 @ 109.8 MPH and the cobalt ran 14.7 @ 101.2 MPH. This was at Cayuga Dragway.

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LT1 3rd Gen Camaro vs 2010 Challenger R/T
This video is from Summer 2009, The stock 700R4 can't even hold the power of the LT1 and the car kept slipping shifts. The car is now running mid 8s & im crushing SRT challengers now :)

LT1 3rd Gen Camaro vs. Lincoln Town Car 1/8th Mile
8.70@81MPH --- 1/8th Mile Unfortunately you cant choose who you race on Cruise Night. First Time out this year, slow reaction time :/ Transmission Cable still needs adjustment, shifts are to slow making me loose a lot of momentum. Confident I can get down into the 8.5s with an adjustment & new radials.

LSX 3rd Gen Camaro 5 15

95 lt1 camaro vs 2010 ss 1/4 mile
my bolt on 95 z28 against a 2010 Camaro ss z28 ran 13.6 @ 102 forgot what the ss ran