Cammed LT1 3rd gen Camaro VS 2010 Cobalt SS/TC

First time on the track with the new LT1/T56 setup in my 3rd gen. No traction what so ever this run, ran a 14.3 @ 109.8 MPH and the cobalt ran 14.7 @ 101.2 MPH. This was at Cayuga Dragway.

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95 lt1 camaro vs 2010 ss 1/4 mile
my bolt on 95 z28 against a 2010 Camaro ss z28 ran 13.6 @ 102 forgot what the ss ran

3rd Gen Camaro SBC Big Roller Cam
Just idling and letting the cam do it's thing. SBC 406 with a solid roller cam, ported heads, Super Victor intake with a Holley 750dp pumping out 12:1 compression. Great sounding and running combo

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Redline: Review
Looking to out perform its arch rival from Dearborn, Chevrolet unleashes its best Camaro yet. Riding on the all-new Alpha platform, this new 6th generation is lighter, stronger, and more sharp versus the previous Zeta platform. Throw in a fabulous sounding 6.2L V8 and you have the makings of one fantastic muscle car that is track ready from the factory.

Dads 3rd gen camaro putting it on the bumper
stood the car up, and got DQ for crossing center line, second round