SORC 2012 1973 Mercury Montego GT

This is something of a tribute video to Chris Bischof's video that got me really excited about this race way back in 2003. My average on the northbound leg was 90.004 mph, which was good enough for second place in the class, but my average of 89.722 on the return leg resulted in a 9th place finish.

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1973 Montego GT vs 1969 GTO Ram Air IV Airstrip Attack 2017

Sandhills Open Road Challenge 2014 - standing mile
1st run in the standing mile. 135 mph for the old Mercury.

Mercury Montego GT rolls over the block at the 2014 Carlisle Auction
You just do not see these big block Mercs very often. For more photos, videos and your regional calendar of events, visit

Montego GT test-n-tune at High Plains Raceway
Test & tune session in preparation for the 2012 SORC.