Blair's 2000 Silverado Exhaust Clip.

V-Force dual inlet dual outlet.

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v force exhaust on my 94' silverado: 2
My 94' chevrolet silverado ext. cab 4 wheel drive. Stock 350, stock Exhaust manifolds, True, 3", high-flo cats, v force mufflers, 45's out of the box corners. Sounds badass. Please Comment.

Chevy Silverado True Dual Magnaflow Exhaust Before And After
I decided to replace my factory Exhaust on my '07 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT (Classic) with a much beefier sounding Exhaust. I went to Lou's Custom Exhaust of Portsmouth, NH and they hooked me up with a true dual Exhaust using 2 Magnaflow performance series mufflers, all custom bent stainless pipes with welded connections, and dual split chrome tips sticking straight out the back. These guys are phenomenal in the work they do and are super quick. I think this whole job only took an hour. There has been a definite increase in power, and my gas milage has neither gone up or down, which is impressive considering I like to nail it a little more often so I can hear her roar. I do have a K&N Cold Air Intake installed. Soon a Black Bear Performance Tuner will be installed as well. And I only have a 4.8L engine. Also check out my latest video showing what the Exhaust sounds like when in use. UPDATE as of 10/1/15: - The tuner by Black Bear Performance has been installed, and I feel like I have the same power output as a 6.0L vortec - New wheels have been installed: 17x9 Fuel Off-Road Coupler wheels with LT285/70R17 Nitto Exo Grappler tires - The lower 1/3rd of the truck has been rubberized and painted a dark charcoal grey color for a two tone effect - New rockers and cab corners - Rust proofed the frame - Replaced the interior lights with LEDs - New 7" touch screen radio unit with 12" sub - Soon to come (if money allows): a BDS 4.5" lift with Fox Shocks and dual steering stabilizers, a Detroit TruTrac limited slip diff, & a ProCharger Supercharger I HIGHLY recommend Lou's Custom Exhaust. They are easy to work with, extremely fast, very professional, nothing but quality, they'll tell you what they think and won't try to gouge more money out of you. In fact, this whole job was actually more affordable than buying a kit Exhaust from online. They aren't even asking me to advertise for them, and I want to help put a plug in for them. Really, you should check them out. 1-603-431-4700 Any questions? Hit me up.

Ford Raptor 5.4 liter Startup and takeoff with V-force Muffler 1 of 3
5.4 liter completely stock except for the V-force Muffler. 3" IN, Dual 2 1/2" OUT. And he had about 300lbs of sandbags in the back. He has off road mode turned on which locks the rear differential and recalibrates the shift points.

K&N 77 Series Performance Cold Air Intake system on Silverado
A before and after look at a new K&N 77 series intake system on a 2000 Chevrolet 1500 4.8L V8. If you are looking to buy this for your truck, I recommend it 100%. Increased gas millage and increased horsepower (both noticeably different). Wish I would have purchased it earlier. sorry for the poor sound quality. (and i will never rev my engine again.)