Neighbours Nightmare Turbo failure @ Beachpull tractorpulling Putten 2012

Daniel Vriends blaast een turbo op bij de beachpull in Putten

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Tractor pull Fail Compilation - Accident de tires de tracteurs (Québec,Canada)
Une vidéo des accidents de tires en compilation :)

Neighbours nightmare warming up
warming up

Extreme TURBO failure
Filmed back in 2004 this video shows what happens when a turbocharger suffers a catastrophic failure. Here the turbine wheel breaks off the shaft and exits via the Exhaust. This is why you should run a cross pipe inside the Exhaust to prevent this from happening on a drag car. Just to clarify some of the comments regarding what turbo it was? It was a Garrett TA45 journal bearing turbocharger.

Prostock @ Beachpull Tractorpulling Putten 2012
prostocks in putten