Fastest LPG powered car in the world? Tunnel Vision Turbocharging

John's Tunnel Vision 4L SOHC turbo powered 1965 Ford Mustang. We believe this Mustang may be the quickest car in the world using straight LPG pump fuel (LP Gas) having run a best of 8.98 at 154mph over the quarter mile at Heathcote Park Raceway recently. The day ended early due to a rear tyre puncture (28x10.5in slicks).

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1300hp Turbo 6 Mustang ~ King of the Street
John's crazy fast Ford Mustang street car is back at the track and runs yet another personal best time. The car is powered by a Tunnel Vision 4L Aussie Ford 6-cylinder SOHC engine and Boosted by a Garrett turbocharger, Haltech E85 fuel system, Preson Powerglide and a leaf sprung rear end. The car was driven home after the event through radial tyres. [ ] Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - August 17th 2014.

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LPG Car tank Explosion on Highway
still thinking about LPG in your car? (LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas = Natural Gas) This video demonstrates how serious you have to be with natural gas systems in your car and you need to setup and maintain system only a certificate mechanics. Nobody were injured and everything was fine, just driver and passenger were a bit scared.

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