Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T (mods) vs Civic Si (mods)

Genesis - tbe, intake and tune Civic - headers , Exhaust , intake (tune?) This dude said Genesis were parked, slow and we were a waiste of time. Ran him twice and beat him. I stopped because of a car infront of me and my launch was doo doo because I was filming... Go home with your tail between your legs buddy...

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09 Civic Si Vs 2010 Genesis part 2
i miss shifted on one with jayz song playing, but we broke even...miss shifting is still a loss in my book....

Modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T - One Take
We didn't love the 2-liter version of the GenCoupe when it first hit the scene in 2010. The elements were all there, but it was missing something rather important: speed. Hyundai drastically improved the car for its second generation in 2013, but as we learn here, a few choice mods can really wake up the power of a first-generation model.

Boosted Hyundai Genesis Vs. Stock Honda Civic Si
So I was in the Boosted genesis with my brother Luis when my brother josh wanted to do a quick little dig just to see how the cars would handle and to see who was quicker. Hope ya'll enjoy this little video and please leave a like!! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:

Idiot Blows up Hyundai Genesis 2.0t
Idiot drifts in a parking lot and puts a hole in the block cause pieces of the engine are scattered everywhere