Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Ride

BrianZuk goes for a ride in a Heffner built Lamborghini Gallardo Twin turbo. The video includes in-car accelerations including a huge pull onto the freeway, and some accelerations and flybys from outside of the GTT. Incredibly powerful car, puts out just under 1100hp on 100 octane, and 853hp on pump gas which was used in this video. Special thanks to the owner for the ride, Enjoy ;) BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

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Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale
BrianZuk records an insane chrome red Heffner Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale starting up, revving, and doing multiple runs accelerating down an airstrip at the 2014 Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 5, including one run where the STS loses control at approximately 120mph and spins off track. BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Supercar Drive
BrianZuk records over 100 Supercars on an incredible Exotic Car Drive, cars including the Pagani Zonda C12 S, Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR Mclaren 722 S, Porsche Carrera GTs, and much much more! The video begins with a short intro, cars pulling in, cars at rest, then cars accelerating off onto the drive, be sure to turn up your speakers around the 4:20 mark! BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Loses Control
BrianZuk records an insane Heffner Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 SuperTrofeo Stradale accelerate, then after shifting into third, lose control and spin off track into the dirt at over 100mph. BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Extreme Turbo Systems 7.81 second Nissan GTR
BrianZuk records the current world record holder for Nissan GTR quarter mile times, the Extreme turbo Systems 1572whp GTR which has completed the 1/4mile in 7.81 seconds @ 183mph. The video shows this insane GTR starting up, burning out, launching, and doing full throttle acceleration runs on a runway at the 2014 Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 5. TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS and Enjoy! BrianZuk's Facebook Here! Mods on this GTR: -ETS Super99 Little Hero turbo Kit -ETS 4.0" (102mm) Titanium Exhaust System -ETS 4.0" Y-pipe -ETS Race Intercooler Kit -Full 3.0" Piping w/ TiAL Blow Off Valves -TiAL Blow Off Valves -ETS 4" Race Intakes -ETS 4.1L Stroker Kit (Custom Crank, Rods and Pistons) w/ proprietary ETS modifications -ETS 5 axis CNC Heads w/ Serdi Full Radius Seat Work -ETS Valvetrain -ETS Cams -ETS Breather System -Boost Logic Intake Manifold -Greddy Throttle Body -ETS In-House Built Transmission -Shep Built Promax -T1R Transmission Brace -PPG 1-6 Gears -PPG Output Shaft -PPG FWD Output Shaft -Driveshaft Shop Front Axles -Driveshaft Shop Rear Axles -Driveshaft Shop Rear Axle Stub -ETS LSD Shimming -Injector Dynamics ID2000cc Injectors -ETS Mechanical Fuel System -Cobb Accessport w/ Trans Control -Got Boost Speed Density Conversion -English Racing Pro Tune