quick teaser of the AWD k24 EK

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$115,000 915HP All Wheel Drive Honda Civic Walk Around
Just to hold you guys off till the cinematic drops! (didn't edit this much just thew the footage up) One of the fastest cars at the New Jersey Invasion Auto Expo 2016. If not THE fastest car there. The owner states it has 915 horsepower and was appraised at 115k. Yep that's $115,000. On top of that the car is also all-wheel drive. Monster build with i'm sure a ton of custom work! Would be very interesting to see how they got all of that to work together. Also at the end I threw in Marisol, one of the JDM Vixen's finest models. Be sure the check her out on Instagram: @bonitamariposa1 Feel free to share, if you share please hashtag #epicjontuazon Subscribe ► Facebook ► Instagram ► EpicJonTuazon ► Twitter ► Music Credit: Swimming Pools (SMLE remix)

AWD Turbo Civic
Lightspeed AWD Civic

AWD civic hatch CMI
AWD eg hatch at CMI running 10;5 sec run.

AWD K series in an Insight- watch us build it
This should some of what went into building the first AWD K-Sight turbo by LHT Performance. We have built many K-Sights, but with more power traction became more of a problem. We never intended the car to be Drag car, we want well proportioned size wheels that suit the car. What better than AWD to solve the traction issue. This was a long project that started in Feb 2015 and will be at SEMA in the Hondata booth in Las Vegas 2015. The next video will be driving the car and more details.