Scott Kalitta Crash Video- Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

Rest In Peace Scott Kalitta

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1995 ADAC Keith Odor Fatal crash
10.Sep.1995 ADAC Super-Tourenwagen-Cup(AVUS)

2007 NHRA John Force at Dallas Huge Crash *Replays*
Kenny Bernstein crosses the center line and hits some blocks, John Force's tires sudden blow and the chutes deploy ripping the car in half. treemaster7 explains the crash: The G Forces were more than the chassis was designed to handle. When the tire went flat, the weight of the car went to one side & at that same instant the chutes were released with explosive force severing the cotter pins holding the chassis together with devastating results to John Force. Had the cotter pins not severed, John Force wouldn't have been injured.

Death of Stefan Bellof in Spa
The tragic death of famous race driver Stefan Bellof after a collision with Jacky Ickx in Spa.

Jet dragster crash
Jet car takes off when the driver pulls the parachute to early