a ripp in the saturn sl2

had a shitty launch nd for ppl in the saturn would would know i got the single cam trans mp2 -- its a 2001 sl1 with a 94 sc2 head dual intake cam modd, custom intake, obx hedder- stock cat- hks muffler

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Turbo Saturn sl2 pulls
turbo sl2. 9 psi

SOLD - 99 Saturn SC2 w/ Custom Exhaust
Part 2 of the Exhaust videos. Again same car 99 Saturn Sc2 Daily driver with 133,100+ miles Need any Exhaust work done call Elliot Henderson - 859.699.8699

1994 Saturn SL2 Twin Cam Night Highway Drive
Filmed this about a week and a half ago and just never got around to uploading it. Enjoy!

94 Saturn Blowing up
blowing up my buddy SC2 took valve cover off to squirt oil everywhere throwing rocks and deodorant into intake cab was full of smoke Exhaust smelt great after it burned the deodorant! let me know what you think