a ripp in the saturn sl2

had a shitty launch nd for ppl in the saturn would would know i got the single cam trans mp2 -- its a 2001 sl1 with a 94 sc2 head dual intake cam modd, custom intake, obx hedder- stock cat- hks muffler

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Turbo Saturn sl2 pulls
turbo sl2. 9 psi

Saturn SC2 Intake Fun
This Saturn is one of a kind... it's quick! And it scares the SHIT outta people near this thing... why? listen to that AEM Intake Kick In YO! =P

saturn sl1 0-60-0
1999 saturn sl1 w/o ABS 0-60-0 on abandon runway

Saturn Top Speed Run
Ever see the speedometer on a car and just know that it didn't go that fast? Well, I decided to see how fast a friend's Saturn Ion really went.