Pickup driver tries to kill motorcyclist.

The video explains it all. A couple of riders were out enjoying a nice Sunday ride when one of them passed a red truck, who then tried to run the rider off the road into a tree, and then chased him down. The truck driver was driving like a maniac! The driver then gets out of the truck and pulls out a crow bar. Pass this video along so that others may learn about this incident.

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Motorcyclist Goes Airborne Kills Another Cyclist In The Opposite Lane - Fatal Motorcycle Crash Death
LiveLeak: Motorcyclist Goes Airborne Kills Another Cyclist In The Opposite Lane - Fatal Motorcycle Crash Death Mexico | Fatal Motorcycle Accident Mexico This happened in Mexico, in the Cuernavaca highway in a part infamously known as La Pera, (the pear) a really bad designed curve that have taken the life of hundreds in car accidents in this same spot. Despite the fame of the place and the warnings the cyclist decided to go faster and he ended up crashing badly and killing another cyclist in the oposite line. Accident at:1:48 second victim can be seen at: 4:39

Guy Pulls Out A Gun On Rednecks Who Picked On Him
Rednecks pick on a guy with a convertible BMW and the guy pulls over and pulls out his gun. Watch more funny videos on http://gags.net

Maryland State Trooper draws gun on speeding motorcyclist
Unmarked Maryland State Trooper, in plainclothes, draws gun on speeding motorcyclist Officer Joseph David Uhler

Chaos At Car Dealership (Caught on Camera) Hollywood Florida
A 20-year-old man agreed to buy a car and put down a deposit, but a week later he and his family returned, demanding their money back. "He was looking for something cheap, that he wanted, that he could afford," Peggy, an employee at the dealership, said. The man put down a $300 deposit and signed all the paperwork. "All sales are final, that he agrees, the purchaser agrees, that this order includes all the terms and conditions and he understood," Peggy said as she explained the contract. "He called me back, said he didn't want the car anymore. I told him, 'Well, I need something in writing stating that you want to cancel the deal.'" The man returned Monday with an older man, a woman and two small kids. As the confrontation grew heated, Peggy's father began to record it on his camera. Video shows the oldest man arguing with employees and swiping Peggy's father's camera and cursing at everyone. As the man begins to raise his voice, he is seen lifting a chair in an attempt to throw it towards the employees. The children could be heard screaming from a separate room as the arguing continued. Peggy then called 911. As the children began to walk out, the oldest man is seen hitting and knocking down a computer before leaving and pushing everyone standing there. The arguments continued outside. "I was standing here, and I took out my phone, and I was trying to work my phone to record it, and as soon as I took it out, the lady came at me," Peggy said. The oldest man was in fact the woman's brother and could be seen in a corner outside as he swings and punches an employee square in the face. Peggy would then continue to follow them in an attempt to capture the suspects' license plate and wait for police. That is when Peggy was attacked. "The lady pushed him out of the way, took her keys and went 'Whap!' right on my head," Peggy said. Read more: http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21011966061282/chaos-at-local-car-d ealership-caught-on-camera/#ixzz2hwdeDXKJ