Imports vs Domestics Farmington Dragway- May 4th 2012


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KMOD Performance Turbo Kit(RSX) 10.41@142mph
KMOD Performance stg.4 turbo Kit in action Testing on our KMOD Performance stg.4 turbo Kit w/ 6266 turbo Upgrade & FIC 1100cc Fuel Injectors, 340 Fuel Pump(returnless system) KMOD K24 Engine Specs: 70mm; TB RBC IM K20a2 Cyl. Head TSX Cams Stock sleeves(87.5mm) 11.0:1 Wiseco Pistons Eagle Rods KMOD Oil Pump Trans: 6-Speed Type-S Synchrotech Carbon Synchros Synchrotech LSD 5.06 Final Drive 2700lbs Full Interior Street Car KMOD Performance Greensboro NC 336-517-7419 www.KMODperformance.

Imports vs Domestic Drag Racing @ Texas

17th Annual World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2012 at MIR, x275 vs Hot Rod - Round 3 Qualifying
Saturday coverage of x275 vs Hot Rod - Round 3 Qualifying. I left in a lot of the commentating because the two announcers at this event are awesome and give a lot of info on the cars and drivers. Makes it feel like you are there watching it rather than just seeing a bunch of 10 second clips of passes. Enjoy. 11/3/12 Maryland International Raceway Budd's Creek, MD

import vs domestic street wars 2 at englishtown nj 2011
Streetwars II Nov 2011 Englishtown NJ, highlight reel from weirdguyxp