Imports vs Domestics Farmington Dragway- May 4th 2012


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Piedmont Dragway - BIG DOG - April 2012
The 2012 CV Race Products "BIG DOG Shootout" at Piedmont Dragway... along with Nesbitt Perf. Renegade Outlaws!!!! Order the FULL Event (1 hour and 30 min.) DVD Video filmed in HD at -or-

import vs domestic street wars 2 at englishtown nj 2011
Streetwars II Nov 2011 Englishtown NJ, highlight reel from weirdguyxp

Imports vs Domestic Drag Racing @ Texas

17th Annual World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2012 at MIR, x275 vs Hot Rod - Round 3 Qualifying
Saturday coverage of x275 vs Hot Rod - Round 3 Qualifying. I left in a lot of the commentating because the two announcers at this event are awesome and give a lot of info on the cars and drivers. Makes it feel like you are there watching it rather than just seeing a bunch of 10 second clips of passes. Enjoy. 11/3/12 Maryland International Raceway Budd's Creek, MD