Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous first drive with quick 0-60 MPH

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Tesla Launch Reactions INSANE compilation
==1000€ discount and free supercharging for your new Tesla: http://ts.la/christoph5661 Hope you enjoy this Tesla launch reactions compilation :) I put together some clips of the reaction from people to the acceleration of a Tesla. If you enjoyed this video please drop a like and maybe share it with one of your friends ;) Video editing program : Kdenlive Audio Editing program: Audacity My Socials: Follow me onTwitter: https://twitter.com/Tech_Stuff_2016?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tech_stuff_official/ Telegram: https://telegram.me/tech_stuff

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous acceleration test: Aussie reactions
Despite a vast cross-section of ages, split of genders and occupations, the result was the same every time, they all left the vehicle with a massive smile on their face, I’m calling it, the #TeslaGrin. Some of the guys may be hardened car guys, and knew they were being recorded on the GoPro, but their cool veneers weren’t enough to dampen the smile. Read the full post at - http://techau.com.au/watch-aussies-react-to-ludicrous-mode-in-the-tesla-mod el-s-p90d/ And the full review of the P90D at http://techau.com.au/review-tesla-model-s-p90d-the-stealthy-supercar-thats- brilliantly-easy-to-drive/

97 Year Old in a Tesla
This video is about 97 year old in a Tesla. Zev is a commercial real estate broker in Toronto, Canada at Gitalis Real Estate and introduces his 97 Year-Old Grandfather to "the future".

Here's Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car
GO READ MY COLUMN HERE: http://autotradr.co/Oversteer CHECK OUT TURO HERE! https://goo.gl/alMwOY I recently drove the Tesla Model X in order to find out why so many car enthusiasts don't like it. Here's what I discovered. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ddemuro Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/dougdemuro Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/dougdemuro