Ford Freestyle / 500 / Montego Duratec 3.0 Intake Manifold Removal

Steps to remove the intake manifold on a 2005 Ford Freestyle. Accessing the rear plugs, rear coils, pcv valve, egr valve, throttle body and more. I am the car owner, not a mechanic or automotive technician. Use all advice and video instruction at your own (or your cars) risk.

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Ford Five Hundred & Freestyle Surging No Start: Electronic Throttle Body Replacement
You can save allot Buying the Throttle Body Here Instead- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B005HYMHQ4&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=XN OUKYU2K3C4D5RP Throttle Body Gasket Here- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000HUCMKE&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=J5 T3BGFGB7BN2THK In this video I go over a common problem we still see till this day even after the recall. How to reset the PCM memory at home- New R/C Channel R/C Addict Makuloco- Facebook- Ford Tech Makuloco- R/C Addict Makuloco-

Ford Escape 3.0 V6 spark plug change
This is a video of the ford escape with the 3.0 v6 tune up service. this one in specific is a 2005 fwd model but the engine tune up procedure is the same for all the v6. this one is a c.o.p. (coil on plug) which do not need to be replaced unless faulty if your model has wires than you should replace them in this service MUSIC by tomausproducer FACEBOOK TWITTER www.twitter/joetheautoguy GOOGLE+ BlOGGER Email

How to Change Spark Plugs on V6 3.0 Ford Escape or Simlar Ford such as Taurus, Ranger, etc
This video shows how to change out the rear plugs and intake manifold on a V6 Ford 3.0 engine. This was a 2005 Ford Escape.

Ford Quick Tips: #8 Ford Five Hundred Freestyle Poor A/C Performance Fix
This is the only aftermarket compressor I recommend Here- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0049QPREU&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=FA DX7ESH6XGY25NX In this video I show the two main reasons why you are experiencing poor a/c cooling on your Ford Five Hundred. I also show how to replace the most common fault the refrigerant control valve. The site you can buy the valve from- alve Check me out on Facebook-