suzuki grand vitara 1999 90hp 2.0TD.avi

o meu suzuki grande vitara a dar mais do que está marcado com tudo de origem!

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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0TD (2002) Ridotte sulla Neve
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0TD (2002) Ridotte sulla Neve. Video Girato a Tramontana (AL)

SUZUKI VITARA 1.6 HIGH EXECUTIVE ALLGRIP - Review (English Subtitles) (2015) APEX Auto Magazine tests the SUZUKI VITARA 1.6 HIGH EXECUTIVE ALLGRIP. Read the review and don't forget to 'Like' us on our Facebook-pages: and News-page: About the test: It seems a long time ago, but back in 2005 the last version of the Suzuki Vitara went on sale and after that it has been quiet for quite some time around the all-terrain vehicle. In that period a lot has changed in the automotive industry. For example the higher demands of the EuroNCAP crash tests. But Suzuki delivers this year on that front with a full rating of 5 stars. So this latest version of the model is a safe car. What we would like to know is how the car delivers in other areas. So we went to find out and took an extensive drive in the petrol version with its 1.6 liter four cilinder engine and 4WD in the top spec edition: High Executive. Enjoy! -APEX Auto Magazine-

Jeep ZJ, WJ, Suzuki Grand Vitara Off-Road
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Grand Vitara 2.0 16v. 4ta. a fondo
4ta. 170km/h - Acceso Oeste Bs.As.