Honda Civic vs Muscle cars

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R35 GTR vs American Muscle the GT-R's driver had a weak launch. Plus the GT-R isn't built for straight lines. the GT-R is quite impressive for straights, but it depends on the driver. its built to scream around corners on a track. that's where true driving skill is found. Yes doing 1/4 mile runs takes skill because it is completely different from doing a 1/4 mile on a typical road. I would love to see those two cars on the track.

Supra vs American muscle A fast & furious like Drag race
visit Toyota Supra vs American muscle a fast & furious like Drag race

Honda Import Vs Domestic Muscle Racewaypark Racewaypark New Jersey Aug 24,2008

Muscle vs Import Drag Race Englishtown Racewaypark, New Jersey