this is the engines first start after being rebuilt, I only filled the float bowl so only runs for a few seconds, engine is 440cc single rotor and is air oil cooled

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rotary stationary engine. wankel single rotor
rotary stationary engine air cooled 2 stroke 10hp was used as a water pump driver

new rotary engine semi functional prototype
engine, new engine, new technology, energy saving, this is a video of a new rotary engine the engine shows that all of the mechanisms work but doesn't start because of manufacturing problem

Test run of my Sachs Wankel engine after removal from its Rotax apu generator unit.

Pure Rotary Engine Sound of the Mazda 767B (4 Rotor Wankel engine)
The rotary powered Mazda 767B making noise at the Spa Classic 2014. The wankel engine in this thing sounds like nothing you've ever heard before and the blipping sound when it's shifting down is simply the cherry on top of the cake! This 4 Rotor beast is a true master at its craft. All of this was filmed at the Spa Classic during the Group C race. It was an amazing event with some of the most amazing cars I have ever seen, this wankel powered 767b was without a doubt one of them! I am truly honoured to bring you this content as I think this car is known for its legendary sound produced by a rotary engine. Enjoy watching and consider subscribing if you want to see more! A like & comment are appreciated as well! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Google+! osts Like us on Facebook! Download high resolution pictures for free on our Flickr page! Previous video: annotation_id=annotation_4014914865 Recommended video: annotation_id=annotation_2225160385