RWD Drifting In the Snow!! BMW 330i and Lexus LS400!!

Drifting in the snow. There wasn't that much on the ground yet so we couldn't get any good donuts going unfortunately but hey it's still an awesome vid.

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She Likes It Drift.wmv
Just another night of drifting with the She Likes It Crew Song- Nujabes-Hikari

Turbo Lexus is300 Drifting
Some drifting fun in a turbo Lexus is300

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Ls400 Night Snow Drift
I tried. I need to become better, or find a car that has a lock diff :P I can't drift in drive because it screws with my RPM's by automatically shifting gears. So all I have is 1, and second gear. If I didn't have to drift in these parts of town, I would of felt more confident, but since I'm drifting in a neighborhood, I get nervous around corners that I can't see. And I don't want to whip flash and smash a house. We know have TWITCH! I'm always online so make sure to stop by and say Hi :) Make sure to subscribe for more Forza Videos! It would be awesome if you'd share this with your friends. What would you like for me to post more of? Message me or post in the comment section below and I'll see what I can do. Need tunes? Check out my storefront by searching up my gt all tunes.