Driving a NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience :)

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Rusty Wallace Experience Crash
warm up laps and blow out

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Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Phoenix Ride Along
RWRE goes to Phoenix International Raceway. This is your chance to lose that yellow rookie stripe. Climb in, buckle up and ride shotgun in a NASCAR stock car driven by a professional instructor for a 4-lap qualifying run. This is the ride of a lifetime, you are riding shotgun in a real NASCAR Sprint Cup car. There's a TRD Race Motor under the hood that has previously competed in a NASCAR race. Oh yeah....that driver to your left has thousands of laps in a car and is comfortable at corner speeds that are nothing short of amazing. (Every so often that driver just happens to be one of NASCARS 50 greatest drivers of all time.)

Driving a NASCAR
16 laps at Rusty Wallace racing experience. Richmond International Raceway.