Driving a NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience :)

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Phoenix International Raceway Makeover
Phoenix International Raceway's track gets a face lift. What exactly have they been doing this summer? Check this out!

This is my wife's ride along with the Skip Barber Racing Experience on 8-18-2001 at Kansas Speedway.We were told by the driver that when they put new tires on the right side, he should have warmed them up before going full speed. The driver also told us that if the car starts to get sideways, your suppose to turn to the left and just let the car spin out and not try to save it. As you can see, neither of those two things happened. The driver said they hit the wall at about 150 mph. This happened before the inaugural race weekend.

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) 11/25/2012
My second Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR). Ran 16 laps on 11/25/2012 (this is part 1...had to cut it into two parts due to length). The first few minutes or so is leaving pits and the standard "passing practice" and such. Minute 6:30 is when all the green flag fun begins. Such an amazing experience run by consummate professionals. Ran this car as fast as I could and kept bouncing off the rev limiter in the front and back stretches. Hope next year they will up the rpm limit for me, as I will be back next year.

NASCAR Racing Experience
Nascar racing experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway. First time in a NASCAR racecar and set the time to beat for the day! What an awesome experience. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in racing. Much better than the Richard Petty driving school. You can see in the video that there were no pace cars and you were allowed to pass. SWEET! Got three 8 minute runs and I figure I ran approx. 25 - 30 laps?? Don't know for sure. The third session they jump the rev limiter up 500 RPMs. Big difference!