Driving a NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience :)

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Rusty Wallace Experience Crash
warm up laps and blow out

Nascar Driving Experience at Phoenix International Raceway
An awesome birthday present my wonderful wife gave too me.... It was a blast and an experience I'll never forget.

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) 11/25/2012
My second Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR). Ran 16 laps on 11/25/2012 (this is part 1...had to cut it into two parts due to length). The first few minutes or so is leaving pits and the standard "passing practice" and such. Minute 6:30 is when all the green flag fun begins. Such an amazing experience run by consummate professionals. Ran this car as fast as I could and kept bouncing off the rev limiter in the front and back stretches. Hope next year they will up the rpm limit for me, as I will be back next year.

kurt busch vs. jimmy spencer the unseen footage
This is the unseen video of kurts incar when he gets punched by jimmy spencer.(a quick edit by me). turn up your speakers to hear them fight. you can hear (not see) when it sounds like jimmy hitting kurt,and then kurt says what the f*%k was that?then he says you better you better you better what do you got? you had the run of your life and you think you got something ,but one day. and they shut the camera off right then.