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Lo ultimo en motores 1-2

Tecnologías que se están volviendo populares en los motores de combustión interna con el objetivo de disminuir las emisiones contaminantes, reducir el consumo de combustible, sin perder potencia ni torque. Ford EcoBoost, Nissan Juke, Fiat Multiair. Ve más vídeos en www.e-auto.com.mx.


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Lo ultimo en motores 2-2
Tecnologías que se están volviendo populares en los motores de combustión interna con el objetivo de disminuir las emisiones contaminantes, reducir el consumo de combustible, sin perder potencia ni torque. Ford EcoBoost, Nissan Juke, Fiat Multiair. Ve más vídeos en www.e-auto.com.mx.

mini V12 Motor private Präsentation
V12 ARTUS Motor. Private Vorführung vor Freunden http://www.artus-motor.com Private presentation in front of friends our known Artus V12 engine. can you acept on this prototype test something is not in perfect funktion

Consulta de códigos OBDII en e-auto.com.mx
Vídeo que muestra como consultar los códigos OBDII en www.e-auto.com.mx. para entrar a la sección de códigos favor de ir a la siguiente liga: www.e-auto.com.mx/obdii_principal.php

Motor VVTI
Funcionamento motor VVTI, valvulas

Awesome V12 Monster diesel engine Awake and Alive startup
Awesome V12 Monster diesel engine Awake and Alive startup The first V-type engine (a 2-cylinder vee twin) was built in 1889 by Daimler, to a design by Wilhelm Maybach. By 1903 V8 engines were being produced for motor boat racing by the Société Antoinette to designs by Léon Levavasseur, building on experience gained with in-line four-cylinder engines. In 1904, the Putney Motor Works completed a new V12 marine racing engine -- the first V12 engine produced for any purpose.[2] Known as the 'Craig-Dörwald' engine after Putney's founding partners, the engine mounted pairs of L-head cylinders at a 90 degree included angle on an aluminium crankcase, using the same cylinder pairs that powered the company's standard 2-cylinder car. A single camshaft mounted in the central vee operated the valves directly. As in many marine engines, the camshaft could be slid longitudinally to engage a second set of cams, giving valve timing that reversed the engine's rotation to achieve astern propulsion. "Starting is by pumping a charge into each cylinder and switching on the trembler coils. A sliding camshaft gave direct reversing. The camshaft has fluted webs and main bearings in graduated thickness from the largest at the flywheel end."[3] Displacing 1,119.9 cuin (18,352 cc) (bore and stroke of 4.875" x 5" (123.8 x 127 mm)), the engine weighed 950 pounds (430 kg) and developed 150 bhp (110 kW). Little is known of the engine's achievements in the 40-foot hull for which it was intended, while a scheme to use the engine to power heavy freight vehicles never came to fruition.[2] One V12 Dörwald marine engine was found still running in a Hong Kong junk in the late-1960s. Two more V12s appeared in the 1909-10 motor boat racing season. The Lamb Boat & Engine Company of Clinton, Iowa built a 1,558.6 cuin (25,541 cc (5.25" x 6" (133.4 x 152.4 mm)) engine for the company's 32-foot Lamb IV. It weighed in at 2,114 pounds (959 kg). No weight is known for the massive 3,463.6 cuin (56,758 cc) (7" x 7.5" (177.8 x 190.5 mm)) F-head engine built by the Orleans Motor Company. Output is quoted as "nearly 400 bhp (300 kW)". By 1914, when Panhard built two 2,356.2 cuin (38,611 cc) (5" x 10" (127 x 254 mm)) engines with four-valve cylinder heads the V12 was well established in motor boat racing.[2] In automobiles, V12 engines have not been common due to their complexity and cost. They are used almost exclusively in expensive sports and luxury cars because of their power, smoother operation and distinctive sound. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬ ★ MORE INTERESTING VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrbwGmtZ8pM&list=UUYH8swcp71EHt-88lkaMDTQ ★ SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/GynuUU ★ Follow my Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeorgeDominik1 ★ Thanks For Watching ★ ★ Post comment , share and tell us what u think ★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬

Nissan Juke (Motor 1.6 litros Turbo 190 CV) - SOBRECOCHES.com
En Europa, Nissan JUKE se ofrecerá con tres motores y cajas de cambio manuales o CVT, introduciendo un nuevo motor de gasolina, con un sistema de inyección directa y turboalimentación. Puedes ver todos los detalles en SOBRECOCHES.com

Ahorrar combustible con agua. Motor híbrido de hidrógeno LaSextaNoticias 28-11-2009
Dispositivo de la empresa HidroHibrid el cual es capaz de reducir el consumo de combustible convencional (vehículos a gasolina o diesel) entre un 10% y un 20%, utilizando agua. Disminuyendo así las mismas cantidades de emisión de CO2 y casi totalmente las de CO. Fue emitido en las noticas de La Sexta en la tarde del sábado 28 de noviembre de 2009. Más información del funcionamiento en: http://energeticafutura.com/ahorrar-combustible-con-agua-en-vehiculos/

Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation
How Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine works

Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine Animation
The Achates Power opposed-piston, two-stroke engine has inherent efficiency advantages not found in conventional engines. These advantages include a patented combustion system, three-cylinder configuration and compact design, which maximizes thermal efficiency with a long stroke-to-bore ratio, improves scavenging and reduces pumping losses. This animation shows how the engine works as well as explains its fundamental architectural benefits.

Sistema de inyeccion Motronic MED7.avi
Video que muestra la construccion y funcionamiento de un motor de inyeccion directa de gasolina (FSI) del grupo VAG, con una gestión electronica MOTRONIC MED7.

Engine Oil Additive that REALLY WORKS
We're always looking for great ways to help our customers at RVES; and we've sure found one this winter! We discovered a line of premium synthetic lubrication solutions that we are using in all of our own vehicles, and recommending to all of our valued customers. Check out the demo of how well our Snake Oil by BestLine motor oil additive works next to all the other products you're used to using. It's just amazing. Jaw-dropping. Check us out at http://www.a2aequipment.com

How the MultiAir engine works (2)
http://www.alfaromeo.it/mito/multiair Massimo Fulfaro, one of FPT's Development Engineers, will be showing you all the technical details of MultiAir, using an example engine.

La eficiencia del HHO probada en Silverstone
La eficiencia del sistema HHO montada en un vehículo y probada en el circuito de Silverstone. Se consigue: - Menor consumo de combustible - Reducción de las emisiones de gases contaminantes - Aumento de la potencia - Aumento del par motor Esta tecnología exixte desde hace más de 10 años ¿Porqué no está instalada en todos los motores de explosión? ¿Interesa a Rockefeller y demás petroembusteros?

Turbocompresor de Geometria Variable (VTG)
Funcionamiento de un turbocompresor de Geometria Variable (VTG), utilizado principalmente en motores Diesel de inyección directa.

Alineador de direccion.wmv
Es un alineado de dirección con una máquina llamada "Batalla" de la empresa "Trabazola". Aunque esta casa tiene un video tutorial propio, esta muy enrevesado y para una mayor aclaración aquí os dejo este.

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