CR500 VS. KTM 525, Old VS. NEW Who Wins???????

Taking a break from some single track and just goofing around. Love the 500's and have owned several!

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Honda cr500 VS KTM 500 xc-w
Rory Sullivan racing a KTM 500 XC-W and Greg Crater racing a CR 500 in the 30 Pro Class at Round 1 of the P.R.O series at Horn Rapids Motocross Park in Richland, Washington For your PARTS, GEAR and ACCESSORIES visit us at Subscribe to our channel for more great Moto videos: Follow Us:

KTM300 vs CR500
Havin a bit of fun with Mad Johnny down west!

cr500 vs kx500
Mac and Snoop gettin it in.

CRF450 vs CR500AF - Test 2 - Drag race
Comments disabled due to a select few who tend to pick things apart. Take it for what it is and just watch. This isn't scientific. 2008 CRF450 - All stock except FMF Q4 & Mega bomb Exhaust 2007 CRF450 frame - 2000 CR500 Motor - ported, milled, PC piped, heavy flywheel weight. Test 1 - Flat Cornering - Test 3 - Roll on - Test 4 - Test 5 - (Hillclimb Part I) Test 6 - (Hillclimb Part II) Test 7 - (Hillclimb Part III) For the port job on the CR500, search for Van Codner on Facebook - or send me an email and I'll send you his phone number. The guy is seriously talented when it comes to porting motors!