Drag racing spring nationals 2011 Meremere NZ

the Prestone spring nationals at fram autolite dragway Meremere

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Drag Racing: 44th NZ Nationals
Drag Racing: 44th New Zealand Nationals Fram Autolite Dragway, Meremere, NZ.

Drag racing comp meet 3 31/1/2015 Meremere
the 3rd comp meet from Meremere dragway

Drag racing Meremere 2015 Nostalgia Drags
another great Nostalgia drag meet except for the rain which cut the race day short. but what we got was good.

Drag racing NZ Nationals Meremere
the 2015 NZ Nationals from Meremere and NZs first 300mph pass with a 4.8 second 307mph pass by the Marsh motorsports team.