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GMC Safari Mirror Replacement

Grandpa goofed, time to fix it!


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Toyota Previa Hitch Installation & Trailer Towing
Well, it's designed to do what it does do, and what it does do, it does do well lol.

Triton V10 Ford Excursion on a Ferry Boat?
This guy loves his V10, but I like my diesel better!

Duramax DEF System Test
Reductant system test after a DEF tank heater failure.

3200 Watts of Fun
Nothing spectacular here, just a Ford Ranger and Ford Excursion with dual Kicker CompR 12s and 1600 RMS.

2003 Chevy Astro van new door handle install #1 of 4
2003 Chevy Astro van new door handle install #1 of 4

How to Repair and Replace a Broken Side Mirror Glass - DIY
This How To video offers you easy step by step instructions on how to remove and replace a broken side view mirror glass on your car or truck. Please view this video and then visit our website ( www.autoandtruckmirrorsunlimited.com ) to order your side view mirror glass replacement kit to repair your broken mirror glass!

1-12-13 Safari Van Blower Motor Issues And Fix
Loose connection!

If you ever have to repair you door mirror, motor or housing, the first thing that has to come off is the mirror. The entire housing was loose. A dealer repair quote of $467 for a whole new unit prompted me to do it myself. This repair cost me nothing but my time... about 10 minutes.

How to change spark plugs GMC van
How to change spark plugs, distributor rotor & cap on a 1997 Savana GMC van The same as a Chevy 305ci., and 350ci. Repair distributor cap with J B Weld

*REAL* FIX ASTRO-VAN KH325 EBCM (brake & abs light on intermittently; C0265 code)
This is the REAL FIX for ANY Chevy Kelsey Hayes 325 EBCM module (ABS module) - common on Astro Van, S10, Corvette, etc. There is NO NEED to 'mail it in for repair' to the online 'companies' out there. YOU can do it YOURSELF in about 10 minutes on your kitchen table with a simple 25 watt soldering iron and some flux. The fix WORKS - I have done it MULTIPLE TIMES. All the 'repair companies' do is RE-SOLDER the broken joints typically around the relay (code co256) - NO "NEW RELAY" IS PUT IN. The RELAY is NOT the problem! Its simply old solder. Do it your self and save $100-$1,700 Cost for repair if you have a soldering iron laying around is $0 Typical symptoms: BRAKE and ABS light come on 'intermittently' seemingly when 'going over a bump', doesn't happen all the time, code C0265 may show WITH an ABS code-reader Comment with questions.

Chevy Tbi running rich problem solving
If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you trouble shoot it and fix it https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rumrunner439

4.3L GMC Safari with Flowmaster super 40 Series
ok so i finnaly did it, i convinced my mom she needed a Flowmaster in the safari... since... i am the one driving it :) NOTE!!! skip to 2:50 to hear sock muffler, 4:40 for NO muffler, 6:03 for flowmaster, & 7:15 for interior sound. i apoligize for the sound quality (fuzz in the background) theres lint in my mc on my ipod, so the sound isnt great, & i apoligize for the bumpy sound during the drive, i didnt think putting it on the dash would make much of a difference XD but it did. i hope you enjoy the video & sub for more upd8ts & other car stuff :)

2-2-12 GMC Safari (or Chevy Astro) van alternator replacement
1997 GMC Safari 4.3 liter. I had to cut big chunks out of the video. I never seem to set the camera up so that I am not in the way of the action. NOTE: I may have to reduce the quality of my videos to non-HD. It took about 10 hours for this video to upload! I still am unable to use the regular YouTube uploader because I get pixelation and distortion in the video, and artifacts in the sound. It's been happening for about 2 months now. I have to use the SSL uploader which takes about 10 times as long to upload a video. I'm not too happy with YouTube these days!

The Astro and Safari Tribute.
This Video is about the Best vehicles that ever drove on the road. The Chevy Astro and GMC Safari. There simply isn't another van out there today that can compete. There probably will never be another like it. it had good handling, and a great and reliable 4.3 ( Decendent of the famous 350 V8) V6 motor. That Piece of junk box thing Chrysler claims is a van may look like the Astro but it will never compete. This Video is for all the Astro/Safari owners that loved and hopefully still love their Vans. It is also a tribute to all the Astro's and Safaris that once roamed or still roamed the Highways and Byways of the World. this is a video that I created in my spare time. I am not a professional editor or camera man. I don't portray that I am. I know the music at the begining is a little out dated but Hey it works. I hope you enjoy it.

My (ex) GMC safari
I love this car !

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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