Porsche VS Datsun au Luc

Bourre Posrche Carrera 3.0L préparée Almeras contre Datsun 240Z swap L28 au circuit du Luc.

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Japfest 2010 Datsun 240z GTR skyline
Castle Combe 2010 japfest

240z vs 911 Carrera Vintage Autodromo Monterrey
Datsun 240z 1971 vs Porsche 911 1974 en Carrera Vintage ( Agosto ) en el Autodromo Monterrey 2010

Furious Outlaws - Sung Kang and Magnus Walker
I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Sung Kang and drive his Datsun 240z, called the FuguZ, on my favorite road Angeles Crest highway. It was a cool day swapping cars and driving something different in the crest for a change. My favorite thing about this car was that it revved to 9000rpm! Thanks to Freddie at Newcomb's Ranch for having us by and Sung for letting me drive the fuguZ.

Datsun 240z vs Nissan GTR
This is a homebuilt twin turbo " blow through " system on a 409 cubic inch Chevy small block engine in a 72 Datsun 240 z. The car is Street Legal due to emission excemptions and is used for cruising, car shows, and drag racing. It is a Sleeper since it uses a full Exhaust system and mufflers.