Caliber SRT-4 CP-E downpipe cold start!

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Car show exhaust competition final round
Exhaust competition final round caliber vs crown Victoria Caliber takes the win.

Caliber SRT4 MPx downpipe
MPx catless downpipe stock Exhaust!

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 Realtune/CP-E uncatted downpipe
custom dual Exhaust previously done back in February from my last video with the addition of Realtune/CP-E uncatted downpipe

Real Tune / CP-E Caliber SRT4 Downpipe
first one out there! Went 2 weeks without my car so all of you Caliber SRT4s out there can have a QUALITY downpipe and Exhaust. p.s. I say "god bless torque steer" because there was just a BIT more once this DP was put on. only other mods on the car are NGK one step colder plugs and a Mopar stage1. there is a Mopar blue plate on there too.. but that doesn't count. its just a noise maker. lol