PtP How to: MBRP 5" Duramax Diesel Exhaust Install

Performance Truck Products How To Series: MBRP 5" Duramax Diesel Exhaust Install How to Install the MBRP 5" Exhaust on your Duramax Diesel Truck. . You can purchase this Exhaust kit from Performance Truck Products at

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2006 Chevy Duramax before and after 5 inch turbo back

Performance Diesel Exhaust on TruckU
Anyone who hauls anything with a stock turbo can run into high EGT's(Exhaust Gas Temperatures). Matt and Bruno show you how to get cooler airflow through the engine with Exhaust and Methanol Injection.

Duramax with 5" MBRP Exhaust!! LOUD!!
This was my old 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 with 6.6L Duramax diesel . all stock except for 5" MBRP catback with downpipe. and EFI Live tuning.

Duramax DPF Replacement
The DPF system on diesel pickups takes away the engine's power, lowers fuel mileage, dumps raw diesel fuel into the Exhaust system and contaminates the engine crankcase oil. Here is one way to fix that. It cost about $600 including a Quadzilla reprogrammer and takes about 90 minutes... or less if you have some mechanical skills and the right tools. Check out my other videos