This viper is fast and loud. Its the one people are always talking about. I don't think theres a mic that can properly record this dragon sounding machine. No need for Nos but hey, why not have it installed just in case I want to go faster. Come on, faster ( using Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice )

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Pulled Over Again! Lambo & Viper COP Reactions - Vol 3
Subscribe to Steve's Channel (red viper dude): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrZCjYZdNpBadRWWh6yi-Q We were out filming night life reactions when we got pulled over by 2 bicycle cops in Wells Beach Maine. Someone called 911 and said we were "racing around". Nope. Wasn't us.

Challenger Hellcat Vs Dodge Viper 1/2 Mile
Stock Challenger Hellcat VS Stock Dodge Viper Results: Hellcat: (Best run: 156.3586) 154.7455, 150.6024, 155.0655, 155.2795, 155.4941, 155.3867, 155.2795, 154.7455, 154.6392, 155.6017, 156.3586, 155.1724, 153.8988, 154.7455, 154.8520, 154.5330, 155.8172, 156.3586, 155.3867, 156.0333, Viper: (Best run: 155.2795) 155.0655, 155.2795, 154.8520, 149.5017, 154.5330, 154.6392, 152.7495, 152.6459, 154.3210, 153.3742, 155.2795 , 153.3742, 152.7495, 151.4132, 49.1588 148.2213, 150.7033, 151.4132, 153.1654, 152.2327, Running the 1/2 mile at Sulphur Springs Airport in Texas. At the WannaGoFast event

Grown up in dirty Jersey
Shot out to all our people here and abroad. Sometimes all we got our memories.

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