e46 m3 vs sc e46 m3 vs G35 twin turbo

boki's e46 m3 (NO Nitrous in this run) vs supercharged m3 vs twin turbo G35, from about 40-130

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BMW M3 E46 DRIFT in the city - BUSTED by POLICE!!
This driver wanted to show off his nice e46 M3. Unfortunately the police didn´t liked to see the car driving like it should be driven, so they pulled him over. Instagram: http://instagram.com/luxurycarspotters Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luxurycarspotters/ YouTube: http://goo.gl/ndrNJp Camera: Canon EOS 700D 18-135mm Thanks for watching! Don´t forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel. More videos of Supercars are coming soon.

M3 e46 smgII launch control 0-275 acceleration
Aceleracion m3 e46 smgII con launch control en circuito cerrado desde parado hasta el tope que da limitado

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed [HD] - BMW M3 GTR E46 Most Wanted Edition on Road America
The famous Le Mans BMW M3 GTR E46 from NFS Most Wanted 2005 is now available as an add-on car mod for Shift 2 Unleashed! No it's not a Works Converted BMW E46 from the in-game. It's THE actual one! With insane performance as well as rechargeable Nitrous which is similar to other NFS titles. This add-on car mod is part of the Police Ultimate Mod Pack which features police vehicles from other NFS titles with upgraded performance as well as rechargeable Nitrous. Showcase as well as download link in my friend's video. http://youtu.be/dMoDHdkwEuI This video also features a car light mod where all the car's headlights are turned on during the day, an extra cool feature which looks cool during a replay. A new blue backfire mod is also featured which gives a better looking afterburner flames. AI: Hard Traction Control: Off Stability Management: Off ABS: On Manual Transmission Track: Road America Steering Wheel: Logitech Momo Force Feedback. Performance Upgrades not available. Performance Index 1990 Works Conversion is unavailable. Cons: None so far! Apart from the very obvious BMW M3 E46 cockpit. Also probably a little too much wheelspin when Nitrous is applied? Pros: Model looks great! The added rechargeable Nitrous system similar to other NFS titles is great as well! Handling is great too, except it has so much power and wheelspin! Check out my friend's compilation of current (20/05/12) car add-on mods for Shift 2 Unleashed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojodL22tGv8 Part 2 of my friend's compilation! (13/06/12) http://youtu.be/EJ82oUohmgU Enjoy! Credits to those who created this add-on mod.

e46 M3 TopSpeed Exhaust review
A short review on TopSpeed Auto's Pro1 axle back e46 M3 Exhaust. Made to help your e46 Exhaust decision. No copyright infringement intended. I do not own copyrights to the Music played in the video.