How to Open a Locked Car with the Big Easy Car Unlocking Tool

For more info and to purchase the Big Easy Tool Kit used in this video, go to: This video produced by Steck Manufacturing shows you how to open any vehicle using the Steck Big Easy Car Unlocking Tool. It's the easiest way to open a car! Open locked doors in minutes and never damage the car door or window. Tools used in this video: Big Easy Tool, Plastic Wedge, Inflatable Air Wedge, Paint Protector and Lock Knob Lifter.

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Car Opening
Car opening with High Tech air wedges and long reach tools...from the Emergency Response Kit. SUBSCRIBE here for more of my lock picking videos... More of my car entry videos can be found here... and here... iJR Tools used in this video can be found here... and here... As Always Thanks for Watching!!!

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How to Unlock Your Car Using a Coat Hanger
Locked my keys in my car last night and watched a video on how to "break" into your car using a coat hanger. I figured it would be harder than it was and wanted to make a video showing just how easy it is to get into a Ford Festiva. Counting getting into the car last night, this was only my second time attempting this. Use this knowledge for good. Comes in handy should you ever lock your keys in your car. From what I've seen it should work on most cars made before 2000. Also watch this video and realize just how easy someone can get into your car. Don't leave valuables in your car...especially not in the open.

How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim - Sign up for free auto body and paint training and news. - How to unlock your car door without a key. Do you often lock keys in the car at the shop? Learn how you can unlock car doors without a key using the Steck The Big Easy Unlocking Tools. Welcome to Donnie Smith's vlog. Sure, we'll talk about cars, but this channel is open to whatever is going on....not just cars. I may have videos about cars, trucks, bikes, music, Mondays, Tuesdays, or what ever is going on. I appreciate you stopping by my VLOG! Be sure to subscribe to our channel/