BIGV8 Blown Bigblock Burnout Statesman Feature Car BIGV8 Blown Bigblock Burnout Statesman Feature Car on

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Jet boat, Tenerife. Dual V8-engined, turbo big-block.
Came across this in Tenerife, Puerto Colon. Dual-engined, turbo'd big-block'd jet boat. Sadly, no action in this (got some on the mobile phone which will be crap quality). Turned out I knew the owner, from when he used to fix bikes in Inverness. Small world :) Location is tagged in youtube so you know where to find it :)

FRASHR qualifying burnout at TUBC Ballarat 2016
Jason Schmidt absolutely tore the ears off of his VX commo during the qualifying burnys at Ultimate Burnout Challenge. A huge tip in that came so close to getting very intimate with the wall, followed by plenty more high speed work and a good limiter smashathon! Car : FRASHR - SS VX Commodore with ears torn the F off! Driver : loose unit

Kranky HQ Kandos 2012
Flaming Burnout (For licensing or usage, contact

Biggest Cam ever? Detroit Autorama 2009 Crank up the sub
View this preview video from the Detroit AutoRama. If you like big cams and loud cars you will dig this clip. Make sure you have a good set of speakers and crank up the sub. Your neighbors won't like you though.