Morning Drive - June 6, 2010 (2)

Hong Kong Bridgestone RE-11

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Civic Type-R FD2山路反車
【Civic Type-R FD2山路反車】 素有深圳秋名山之稱的《三洲田》碧三路,是一段非常長 、圍繞著水庫的路段,正常不超速走畢全程約需30分鐘, 於深圳較偏遠的鹽田區,是不少追求速度的飆車族熱點 年初,就有一部FD1改FD2的Civic K20A與GDB追逐,前者左一左彎失控反車,影片中可見該路 屬雙線行車,晚上並沒有路燈照明,實在非常危險。 註:片中左右是調轉,故造成「右軚」的影象。


S15 Morning Drive HK
S15 HK

Honda TypeR DC5 FD2 2010 test drive concept car.flv
Please leave a comment, for what you feel, then we can make improvement, no matter on driving skills,filiming or editing idea...Thanks a lot.... The driver is my very young brother, video show how he can drive 100% safe and fast in public road within his lane 95% of the time . I do know and saw some of the people could drive bit more faster, but those are using the opposite lane as well, That's what I don't really support. Please, all car lover or fast driver, please respect yourself and other road user, try to drive fast in your own lane, is going to be another level. You can definite learn or improve and become more faster when you need to drive fast in a narrow lane. Honda DC5 test drive in Hong Kong, my first time to use a software for editing, hope you enjoy my 8 hours of hardwork....I think is okay for a self learn beginner....hahaha