Morning Drive - June 6, 2010 (2)

Hong Kong Bridgestone RE-11

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大帽山飆車 Crazy Pulsar GTiR Driver at Hong Kong's famous Tai Mo Shan - PerformanceCars
Hong Kong has a huge car following with no race tracks or drag strips. So tuners and owners of modified cars head to the mountains like Tai Mo Shan to test their cars and skills. We join a crazy but awesome Nissan Pulsar GTiR owner who regularly visits this mountain. The car was set up really well with brand new A050 tyres that he destroyed by the end of the night! Of course, please don't copy this driver and always drive safely. Stay Connected Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -

Civic Type-R FD2山路反車
【Civic Type-R FD2山路反車】 素有深圳秋名山之稱的《三洲田》碧三路,是一段非常長 、圍繞著水庫的路段,正常不超速走畢全程約需30分鐘, 於深圳較偏遠的鹽田區,是不少追求速度的飆車族熱點 年初,就有一部FD1改FD2的Civic K20A與GDB追逐,前者左一左彎失控反車,影片中可見該路 屬雙線行車,晚上並沒有路燈照明,實在非常危險。 註:片中左右是調轉,故造成「右軚」的影象。

Crazy Honda street racing.
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