Stay Solid when Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Melt Down

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Precious Metals Market is MORE Undervalued Compared to 2008!
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The Case for $20,000 oz Gold - Debt Collapse - Mike Maloney - Silver & Gold
Find Mike's latest videos here: Why Gold & Silver: For more visit us at: Mike Maloney is the author of the world's best selling book on precious metals investing. Since 2003 he has been advocating gold and silver as the ultimate means of protecting wealth from the games played by our governments and banking sector. In this 90 minute presentation he lays down his 'most likely' scenario for the global economy over the next deacde...short term deflation, followed by big or even hyperinflation. Here you will learn the true definitions of inflation/deflation, the difference between currency and money, price vs value, 'Wealth Cycles', gold and silver accounting for the expansion of fiat currency, gold and silver supply and demand, the differences between the today's bull market and that of the 1970s, The Debt Collapse, and more. Mike sends out a free weekly newsletter from each of the above sites each with valuable information on the economy and gold & silver, see you there. Default Greek Greece Debt Crisis Debt Debt Ceiling Ron Paul Newt Gingrich

1 PARRLEY - 420 CS, 18000 Gold, 3360 Silver Serpents
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Ed Steer joins Cambridge House Live anchor Vanessa Collette to discuss the possibility of China's actual gold reserves being disclosed and updated, the strong demand for gold, silver's recent breakout, Ted Butler and the silver price, three digit silver price, JP Morgan Chase, the looming rate hike in the US, Jim Rickards, and accumulating gold and silver. Join us at an upcoming event! Stay Connected! Copyright © 2015 Cambridge House International Inc. All rights reserved.