TX2K11 DVD Trailer - 2011 Supra Nationals

ORDER HERE - http://www.1320video.com/shop/ Street racing trailer for the TX2K11 Supra Nationals held in Houston, TX every March, this year, once again beat the rest! 1500hp lambo's, 1200hp turbo viper, 300hp busa, 20+ 1000+ hp Supras, this year was FUCKING CRAZY!

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TX2K12 - 8 Second 2JZ S2000 Giant Wheelie!
TX2K12 DVD Released! http://www.1320video.com/store/dvd/ Raw Performance's 2ZJ powered Honda S2000 decided it would try and launch off the drag strip Sunday at TX2K12 during an elimination pass against the Majestic Motorsports Supra.

Texas Streets - SUPRA vs SUPRA vs SUPRA vs Lambo vs GT-R
1100hp Supras battle 1300hp GT-R's, and 1500hp Lambo's Purchase here - http://www.1320video.com An excerpt pulled straight from the Texas Streets, 115 minute feature DVD just released!

TX2K12 DVD Teaser - 750hp 3 Rotor RX7 vs GT-R vs Blown Camaro
Now Released! http://www.1320video.com/store/dvd/ A teaser pulled straight out of the TX2K12 Blu Ray/DVD of a 750whp 3 Rotor RX7 street racing a 550awhp GT-R and an unknown hp supercharged Camaro

Ordering Link - http://www.1320video.com/shop/ Quite possibly the best REAL LIFE street racing movie ever produced, 1320Video brings you all of the insane action from TX2K12 in FULL 1080p for the first time ever! Over 130 street races, 3 hours of action, 600-1600hp street cars battling it out, and the entire TX2K12 official event (Road Course, Dyno, Night Meet & Bikini Contest, and Drag Racing. This is a movie you don't want to miss!!! The Blu Ray quality is AMAZING, night and day difference from the standard DVD. Be sure to orer your copy today - http://www.1320video.com/shop/ This promotional trailer was produced by Jotech Media — http://www.facebook.com/jotechmedia