my turbo civic si blow off valve sound

a video of my turbo si's turbo and blow off valve sound. Just pulled it out of the shop the day before. more videos to come

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300+ HP Civic With Turbo And Blow Off Valve-Dyno
This is a video that I made of a 300+ horsepower turbo Civic on the Dyno. The civic had a pretty big turbo and blow off valve on it and produced a crazy sound (that can be heard when the Dyno driver redlines the car in 4th gear). I am a Civic fan, and have seen some fast Civics, but this one really impressed me!

Ultimate Turbo and Blow Off Valve Sounds
A collection of turbo whistle and spooling sounds and Blow Off Valves for your enjoyment yes most of them are the Toyota Supra but hey its an awesome car.

civic coupe with nice blowoff valve sound
civic coupe running d16z9 vtec with gt3076 turbo, greddy blow off valve

Civic Blow Off Valve