Angry Driver Vs. Car Plus Fight After Race

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Campbell - Bellbowen Crash & Fight. the video and you be the judge

"Get out and beat his a@#!" A rival puts Burt Myers in the wall.
Another one of the unreleased promos we got our grubby little hands on. In this clip, Burt Myers bumps a driver in a turn so he can get by, and the other driver is waiting for revenge on the next lap. Burt gets shoved into the wall in a serious way and the crews want a fight. Ahhhh good ole Bowman Gray :) Check it out!

Mad Driver 2
sprintcar driver not to happy with tracks decision Gas City Speedway Gas City,Indiana

Winder Barrow Speedway Fight 7/15/12 Wormy - Puckett
Dispute broke out track side over the Street Stock Race. Someone spit in someone's face and fight broke out. Barrow County Po Po ripped guys face open. Two fighters went to jail, Eric Ivey ran down hill with his beer in hand offering to help! Funny