91 s10 2.5 exhaust

single in dual out raven muffler 2 1/4 inch pipe no cat 45 degree angle with chrome tips 2.5L iron duke engine

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91 S10 2.5L Tech 4 Chevy vacuum lines and general engine bay information
Video response to a question I had gotten about vacuum lines on this truck.

91 Chevrolet S10 Exhaust sound
It was a sunny day and I decided to take the S10 for a run around the block. It has a Magnaflow Cat and a Ravin muffler and they make it sound more like a V8 rather than the V6 2.8L It has 2.5" all the way thru a single pipe straight out the rear. Stay tuned for another video when it s running hot and a view of the truck and the set up. Please rate and comment.

Cherry Bomb Extreme: 1988 Chevy s10 4-Banger
My buddy Rex's $500 '88 s10. We could have just fixed the stock 4-banger's Exhaust leak, but we're self-proclaimed hot rodders (I've got a '50 Dodge he's building a '51 Chevy) so we decided to hop it up a bit. Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler with a 2.5" inlet to dual 2.25" outlets. Total investment not much more than $150. The muffler and chrome tail pipes where the big ticket items, while local parts store supplied the clamps and hangers and I came through with the sticks of 2.5" and 2.25" pipe I had somehow gathered over the years. Probably the coolest sounding banger i've heard. Has a really cool lope at idle. A little loud from behind but a lot quieter in the cab. Not too bad for a couple amateurs and nights work. Lift by BendPak.

Destruction of a 87 Cutlass Ciera Part 1
My uncle got a new car. So I got the call to come over and junk it. I tried to kill it, But I didnt try hard enough, and the 20+ year old 2.5L Iron Duke help up well