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91 s10 2.5 exhaust

single in dual out raven muffler 2 1/4 inch pipe no cat 45 degree angle with chrome tips 2.5L iron duke engine


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Detailed video on the 1989 Chevy S10
More videos will be uploaded on this soon! http://www.youtube.com/user/79Datson http://www.youtube.com/user/1989chevys10tbi

91 S10 2.5L Tech 4 Chevy vacuum lines and general engine bay information
Video response to a question I had gotten about vacuum lines on this truck.

2003 chevy s10 4.3 exhaust clip, flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust
i have my 2003 chevy s10 zr2 with the 4.3 liter v6 vortec. i made a video of my Exhaust and how it sounds. it is a flowmaster 40 series single in dual out Exhaust with a high flow cat. ***i also forgot to mention in the video that these trucks are equipped with a resonator which it located after the Exhaust manifolds and before the cat. this is just to quiet the truck down. make sure you remove that as i did to get a better sound.*** thank you for watching and i hope this helps if you are looking for a new Exhaust. make sure to comment and subscribe!

91 S10 2.5L Tech 4 Chevy starting with rough running engine idle
This is my first start of this truck since around last november. So it's sat about 6 months. The Engine light came on and stayed on full time. Normally it would go on and off in an irregular pattern. And no not like flashing trouble codes. It really smoked today. Hadn't done that before. Had kind of a gassy smell.

1998 S10 ZR2 Dual Exhaust
truckExhaustkits.com thats the website ^ any truck kit, cannot have spare tire and has to go outside the aftermarket hitch. can choose any muffler, flowsound was the cheapest and sounds really good COMMENT!! thanks

1998 Chevrolet S10 4.3 with edelbrock headers and Summit Racing Exhaust
98 S10, 4.3L HO V6, custom intake manifold, Edelbrock TES Headers, stock catalytic converter, Summit Racing 3" mandrel bent Exhaust with IMCO 3" muffler, cut Exhaust tip to mimic factory Exhaust

2.5 Iron Duke TBI Exhaust, (grid-style cat, no muffler)
This is as close to open Exhaust as I can get in my town. New style grid, or comb style converter with no muffler. 1.75" main to a 2" exit. Sounds like a tractor and leaf blower combined. I also put it under load so you can hear how that sounds. Burns a little oil on start-up because the valve guides are bad. Runs clean after a minute or two.

91 Chevrolet S10 Exhaust sound
It was a sunny day and I decided to take the S10 for a run around the block. It has a Magnaflow Cat and a Ravin muffler and they make it sound more like a V8 rather than the V6 2.8L It has 2.5" all the way thru a single pipe straight out the rear. Stay tuned for another video when it s running hot and a view of the truck and the set up. Please rate and comment.

1997 Chevy s10 4.3 dual exhaust
Just got it done today, i got a glass pack after the cat with a y pipe to 2 stainless still tips. this truck is a work in progress that gets drove everyday.

2001 S10 ZR2 walk around exhaust & stero
got bored sittin round the house so i decided id take a lil vid of my new truck 2001 ZR2 S10 4.3L vortec V6 auto single in dual out muffler flowmaster or cherry bomb not really sure sounds good for a v6 tho as you can tell it has factory 3" lift with the ZR2 package plus 3 more inches of lift has 33x12.50x15 hancook mud terrains on steel beadlock simulated wheels ... my stero system is a pioneer cd player pioneer 820watt amp and one 12" sony xplod sub the amp it bridged and turned all the way up cant tell from the vid but it hit really hard and clean it just dont pick up on my phone speaker anyways hope ya like it

1985 S10 2.5L 265,000 mi burnout =]
a sweet burnout done by a tired old 2.5L iron duke, did decent i think.

1993 Chevy S10 - Thrush Turbo Muffler
Short video demonstrating the new Thrush turbo Muffler I put on my truck the other day. Perfect combination of quietness and snarl. If you want something different than a stock muffler on your 4 cylinder on your car, I highly recommend this muffler! Sounds really good for a four banger!

S10 Repairs
We are just showing what we have done to keep the truck running.

slightly Modified S-10. 4 cly Iron Duke wmv
91 Chevy S-10 151 cu.in. Iron Duke A code engine. This truck has had a frame off restoration in 2006. The engine is stock accept for---- a Clifford performance header connected to a magnaflow stainless muffler and stainless resenator. "A "code engine uses no timing chain and the gears have been replace with TRW alloy gears. This 2.5 is running stock compression 9.1, but the head has been extensively ported and polished. The fuel injection has been removed and replaced with a two barrel Weber and a Clifford performance high flow Intake manifold. . Iron Duke is also running a "COMP Camshaft". Specs are unavailable. Fuel economy is 31 miles per gallon highway. Music Credits: Commander Cody and his lost airmen

1991 S-10 Pickup Project
Restoring 1991 S-10 Pickup. 2.5 4cyl, Manual trans. 2X4 Added 1993 s-10 Blazer power seats. Replaced dash and updated instrament cluster. Added center console. Added power steering.

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